Technology Subcommittee

Electronics Industry Data Exchange, Inc.

This is a joint EIDX and CompTIA ECSB subcommittee.

Chair, 2002 Bill French (acting) Contivo, Inc.
Co-Vice Chair, 2002 Gary Crough Cyclone Commerce
Co-Vice Chair, 2003 Doug Jones Agilent Technologies
Board Liaison Bill French Contivo, Inc.
Task Forces
Task Force Convenor Company
Technology and Architecture Recommendations Team (TART) Bill French Contivo, Inc.

The Technology Subcommittee will offer the opportunity for EIDX members to evaluate technologies being developed for the web, define technical interaction with--and changes to--existing EDI business models and guidelines.  The Technology Subcommittee will also be responsible for forming liaisons with other standards bodies such as the ebXML, OAGI, and RosettaNet.  This subcommittee will also evaluate other issues, including the role of value added networks , security techniques, and emerging technologies required to support Internet Commerce.

Technology Subcommittee Mission

The Technology Subcommittee is responsible for accomplishing the following:

  • Identify core and enabling technologies for conducting internetworked eBusiness.
  • Create and maintain an EIDX eBusiness Architecture Framework.
  • Identify new and emerging technologies and identify potential usage in eBusiness.
  • Identify key technical components for Business Model Pilots and Business Models.