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B2B Content Standards:  EDIFACT

EDIFACT was developed from two widely used EDI standards, one set used in Europe and the other in America. Around 1986, the United Nation Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE) were in the process of revamping the “Guidelines for Trade Data Interchange and was about to publish them as the standard. At the same time, development of the US Standards for EDI was being undertaken by the Joint Electronic Data Interchange Committee (JEDI). The two organisations got together and the debate on a world wide standard began. It culminated in September 1987 with the Technical Committee 154 of the International Organisation for Standardisation unanimously agreeing that the EDIFACT syntax would be published as the international standard. 

ANSI agreed to sunset the X12 standard by 1997.  However, as 1997 approached, thousands of organisations in the U.S. had heavy investments in the X12 standard, and saw no benefit to switch over to EDIFACT just for the sake of being on the international standard, especially if the organisation had only X12 partners and no EDIFACT partners.  In 1997, the priorities were preparing for Y2K and implementing the new generation of ERP applications.   X12 development and maintenance will continue for the foreseeable future.

Today, the same discussions are occurring regarding migrating to XML-based standards like OAGIS and RosettaNet; the return on investment is not in converting the legacy EDI partnerships that work today, but in evaluating the business processes where the legacy EDI standards have not yet been applied.  EDI works for most of what is being done in XML today.  It is a myth that EDI is batch-only, not real-time, and that EDI doesn't allow adequate back-end integration.  The reality is that companies are using the move to XML standards to make changes to back-end applications that could have been done to enable real-time EDI.

Specifications for EDIFACT messages are freely available on the on the web.

EIDX recommends EDIFICE Guidelines for EDIFACT (free).

Below is a list of all the EDIFACT messages as of version D.99B.

EDIFACT Version D.99B Messages

In general, specifications for UN/EDIFACT messages can be found at

EIDX recommends EDIFICE Guidelines for EDIFACT (free).
APERAK Application error and acknowledgement message
AUTACK Secure authentication and acknowledgement message
AUTHOR Authorization message
AVLREQ Availability request - interactive message


Availability response - interactive message
BANSTA Banking status message
BAPLIE Bayplan/stowage plan occupied and empty locations message
BAPLTE Bayplan/stowage plan total numbers message
BMISRM Bulk marine inspection summary report message
BOPBNK Bank transactions and portfolio transactions report message
BOPCUS Balance of payment customer transaction report message
BOPDIR Direct balance of payment declaration message
BOPINF Balance of payment information from customer message
CALINF Vessel call information message
CASINT Request for legal administration action in civil proceedings message
CASRES Legal administration response in civil proceedings message
COARRI Container discharge/loading report message
CODECO Container gate-in/gate-out report message
CODENO Permit expiration/clearance ready notice message
COEDOR Container stock report message
COHAOR Container special handling order message
COLREQ Request for a documentary collection message
COMDIS Commercial dispute message
CONAPW Advice on pending works message
CONDPV Direct payment valuation message
CONDRA Drawing administration message
CONDRO Drawing organisation message
CONEST Establishment of contract message
CONITT Invitation to tender message
CONPVA Payment valuation message
CONQVA Quantity valuation message
CONRPW Response of pending works message
CONTEN Tender message
CONTRL Syntax and service report message
CONWQD Work item quantity determination message
COPARN Container announcement message
COPINO Container pre-notification message
COPRAR Container discharge/loading order message
COREOR Container release order message
COSTCO Container stuffing/stripping confirmation message
COSTOR Container stuffing/stripping order message
CREADV Credit advice message
CREEXT Extended credit advice message
CREMUL Multiple credit advice message
CUSCAR Customs cargo report message
CUSDEC Customs declaration message
CUSEXP Customs express consignment declaration message
CUSPED Periodiccustoms declaration message
CUSREP Customs conveyance report message
CUSRES Customs response message
DEBADV Debit advice message
DEBMUL Multiple debit advice message
DELFOR Delivery schedule message
DELJIT Delivery just in time message
DESADV Despatch advice message
DESTIM Equipment damage and repair estimate message
DGRECA Dangerous goods recapitulation message
DIRDEB Direct debit message
DIRDEF Directory definition message
DMRDEF Data maintenance request definition message
DMSTAT Datamaintenance status report/query message
DOCADV Documentary credit advice message
DOCAMA Advice of an amendment of a documentary credit message
DOCAMI Documentary credit amendment information message
DOCAMR Request for an amendment of a documentary credit message
DOCAPP Documentary credit application message
DOCARE Response to an amendment of a documentary credit message
DOCINF Documentary credit issuance information message
FINCAN Financial cancellation message
FINSTA Financial statement of an account message
GENRAL General purpose message
GESMES Generic statistical message
HANMOV Cargo/goods handling and movement message
IFCSUM Forwarding and consolidation summary message
IFTCCA Forwarding and transport shipment charge calculation message
IFTDGN Dangerous goods notification message
IFTFCC International transport freight costs and other charges message
IFTIAG Dangerous cargo list message
IFTMAN Arrival notice message
IFTMBC Booking confirmation message
IFTMBF Firmbooking message
IFTMBP Provisional booking message
IFTMCS Instruction contract status message
IFTMIN Instruction message
IFTRIN Forwarding and transport rate information message
IFTSAI Forwarding and transport schedule and availability information message
IFTSTA International multimodal status report message
IFTSTQ International multimodal status request message
IMPDEF EDI implementation guide definition message
INFENT Enterprise accounting information message
INSPRE Insurance premium message
INVOIC Invoice message
INVRPT Inventory report message
IPPOMO Motor insurance policy message
ITRRPT In transit report detail message
JAPRES Job application result message
JINFDE Job information demand message
JOBAPP Job application proposal message
JOBCON Job order confirmation message
JOBMOD Job order modification message
JOBOFF Job order message
KEYMAN Security key and certificate management message
LREACT Life reinsurance activity message
LRECLM Life reinsurance claims message
MEDPID Person identification message
MEDREQ Medical service request message
MEDRPT Medical service report message
MEDRUC Medical resource usage and cost message
MEQPOS Means of transport and equipment position message
MOVINS Stowage instruction message
MSCONS Metered services consumption report message
ORDCHG Purchase order change request message
ORDERS Purchase order message
ORDRSP Purchase order response message
OSTENQ Order status enquiry message
OSTRPT Order status report message
PARTIN Party information message
PAXLST Passenger list message
PAYDUC Payroll deductions advice message
PAYEXT Extended payment order message
PAYMUL Multiple payment order message
PAYORD Payment order message
PRICAT Price/sales catalogue message
PRIHIS Pricing history message
PRODAT Product data message
PRODEX Product exchange reconciliation message
PROINQ Product inquiry message
PROTAP Project tasks planning message
PRPAID Insurance premium payment message
QALITY Quality data message
QUOTES Quote message
RDRMES Raw data reporting message
REBORD Reinsurance bordereau message
RECADV Receiving advice message
RECALC Reinsurance calculation message
RECECO Credit risk cover message
RECLAM Reinsurance claims message
REMADV Remittance advice message
REPREM Reinsurance premium message
REQDOC Request for document message
REQOTE Request for quote message
RESETT Reinsurance settlement message
RESMSG Reservation message
RESREQ Reservation request - interactive message
RESRSP Reservation response - interactive message
RETACC Reinsurance technical account message
RETANN Announcment for returns message
RETINS Instruction for returns message
SAFHAZ Safety and hazard data message
SANCRT International movement of goods governmental regulatory message
SLSFCT Sales forecast message
SLSRPT Sales data report message
SSIMOD Modification of identity details message
SSRECH Worker's insurance history message
SSREGW Notification of registration of a worker message
STATAC Statement of account message
STLRPT Settlement transaction reporting message
SUPCOT Superannuation contributions advice message
SUPMAN Superannuation maintenance message
SUPRES Supplier response message
TANSTA Tank status report message
VATDEC Value added tax message
VESDEP Vessel departure message
WASDIS Waste disposal information message
WKGRDC Work grant decision message
WKGREE Work grant request message

Last updated 20 February 2003