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B2B Content Standards:  RosettaNet

RosettaNet is a supply chain consortium whose mission is to define standards around industry business processes and to develop real-time XML-based standards to support those processes (data transfer).

The business process areas that RosettaNet addresses include the following:

EIDX does not currently develop implementation guidelines for the RosettaNet standard.  However, discussions about the development of guidelines is currently underway at RosettaNet, in the Joint RosettaNet Users Groups and in the EIDX Guidelines Subcommittee.  Contact the convener of the EIDX RosettaNet Task Force for more information.

To learn about RosettaNet, see EIDX's RosettaNet 101 class presentation.  This class is offered at most EIDX conferences.

How To Locate RosettaNet PIP™ Documentation

You do not need to be a RosettaNet member in order to access and download published RosettaNet Partner Interface Process (PIP) documentation, including message guidelines and XML DTD's.  We are unable to link directly to individual PIPs because the URL's on the RosettaNet website are dynamic.   Likewise, we don't try on this website to keep track of the status and versions of PIPs.

To access a PIP:

1.  Understanding what a PIP number represents.

2.  Logon to the RosettaNet website,

3.  On the menu, click 'Standards'.

4.  Select the appropriate Cluster.

5.  Select the appropriate Segment within the Cluster.

6.  Select the appropriate PIP.

7.  There may be more than one version of the PIP posted.  The latest version is generally at the top of the page for a PIP.  

Last updated 20 February 2003