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EIDX/CompTIA "Clickable" Business Models - Navigation Help

This part of the EIDX web site is undergoing a lengthy development stage, so not everything is complete.  We are presenting what's done so far for because even in it's in-process state, there is valuable information to share.   We'd like to know if you like the concept of "Clickable Business Models", where you can choose a business process area, drill down to business models in that business process area, and from models get to information such as where the model fits in context with other models, supporting information, and information about business documents exchanged. From the business documents information, you can drill down to individual message guidelines.


  • Some content is for the business person and some is highly technical.  We are in the process of adding information to pages to state who the intended audience is.
  • Click on hyperlinks and images to drill down to next level of detail or to related models and documents.
    • Hover over images, and you will see when a link to more detail or related content exists.  Click on the image to go see that information.
  • Some hyperlinks will open new windows, so that you can easily go back to the page that you were at before the "detour".
  • The Order, Forecast/Planning, and Replenishment Scenarios are the most "complete" for purposes of evaluating what we are doing with this web site.
  • The Pre-Order (Quote) models represent what we will do with existing models that have not yet been recast.
  • Send us your feedback!
    • Is this a helpful way to present information?
    • Is it worthwhile investing the effort to complete and maintain the site?
    • Could you find your way around after awhile?

Harmonization of EIDX and Other Models

The models that are present here are all EIDX models.  The plan is to work on harmonizing the EIDX models with those of CompTIA ECSB, EDIFICE and others.   We'll look at the "traditional" EIDX representation and the representation used by others, and come up with a representation that uses the best features of both.

Graphical Representations

Some models are in the process of being re-cast into UML representation (activity diagrams).  The modified "traditional" EIDX representation will be retained, since it is a useful way to present eBusiness exchanges to business folks.  The UML activity diagrams are the next level of detail, and should be useful to implementors.

Please note the following:

  • Not all existing EIDX models are present.
  • Not all models have navigation bars and links built in yet.
  • Not all links are functional.
  • The recast models have not undergone membership ratification (ballot and approval); they are in the development stage.
  • Downloadable documents have not yet been updated to reflect changes made during the models recast.  The downloadable documents are the published (balloted and approved) versions.


Last updated 06 February 2003