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Electronics Industry Data Exchange, Inc.

Last Updated:  09 January 2003


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EIDX enjoys a reciprocal membership with EDIFICE. 

 EDIFICE's EIDX Voting Member:  Ms. Dora Cresens
EIDX's EDIFICE Voting Member:  Ms. Kim Albera

EIDX enjoys a reciprocal membership with OAGI.    President and CEO:  Mr. David Connelly

EIDX enjoys a reciprocal membership with AIAG.

 AIAG's Voting Member:  Ms. Sally Fuger
 EIDX's Voting Member:  Ms. Kim Albera

EIDX is a RosettaNet Coalition Partner.

EIDX's RosettaNet Voting Member:  Ms. Linda Zavecz


Member Company

Voting Member


Aceva Technologies Mr. Sanjay Srivastava (650) 227-5501
Agere Systems Mr. Dennis Coffin (610) 712-7024
Agilent Technologies Mr. Balen Aravind (408) 345-8924
Automotive Ind. Action Group Ms. Sally Fuger (248) 358-3253
AMP, Inc (see Tyco)
Analog Devices, Inc. Ms. Anne Sweeney (617) 329-4700
American Power Conversion (APC) Mr. Rich Morrissey (401) 789-3180
Arrow Electronics, Inc. Ms. Pam Webber (631) 847-5169
Avnet, Inc. tbd tbd
Benchmark Electronics, Inc. Ms. Nancy McCormick (507) 452-8932
Bourns, Inc. Mr. Jeff Garwick (909) 781-5346
Capistrano Group Ms. Natalie Goncalves (949) 300-8422
Celestica, Inc. Mr. Paul Stanners (416) 448-4025
Cisco Systems, Inc. Ms. Leslie Mullens (808) 874-1256
Compaq (see Hewlett-Packard)
Contivo, Inc. TBD TBD
Cyclone Commerce Mr. Gary Crough (480) 627-8780
Cypress Semiconductor Ms. Karen Umbarger (408) 943-2769
DHL Mr. Bob Sartor (203) 655-5715
Drake Certivo Mr. Lory Johnson (949) 798-6032
EDIFICE Ms. Dora Cresens +
Furon (see Saint-Gobain)
Future Electronics, Inc. Mr. Robert Spence (514) 694-7710
Gridnode Ms. Jasmin Young Peter Muller (650) 654-8928
Hewlett-Packard Company Mr. Bob Kokko (603) 884-0879
Hitachi Semiconductor Mr. Jamshed Sopariwalla (408) 456-8330
IBM Corporation Mr. Tom Meyer (919) 543-0780
Infineon Ms. Anchi Ou (408) 501-6345
Integrated Device Technology Ms. Mitzi Seo (408) 330-1839
Intersil Corporation Ms. Terri Kroboth (407) 724-7131
Kinetic Thinking Ms. Linda Shore (480) 941-2477
KEMET Electronics Corporation Ms. Myra Register (864) 963-6615
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation Mr. Andreas Ziemann (503) 268-8411
Launchscore tbd tbd
Lockheed Martin Mr. Ron Schuldt (303) 977-1414
MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc Mr. Edward J. Gallagher (636) 474 5657
MEMEC, LLC Ms. Helen Shrader (858) 314-8803
Microsoft Mr. Mario Pipkin (425) 706-0200
Motorola, Inc. Ms. Linda Zavecz (480) 413-7710
NEC Electronics Mr. Mike Turay (408) 588-6534
Open Applications Group David Connelly (770) 980-3418
Panasonic Mr. Ken Jeanos (201) 392-4880
Philips Semiconductors Ms. Ida Mata (408) 991-2189
Saint-Gobain High Performance Materials Ms. Alice Stephenson (508) 351-7576
Seagate Technology, Inc. Mr. Brett Carter (952) 402-3031
TDK Corporation of America Mr. Richard Solberg (847) 390-4379
Texas Instruments, Inc. Ms. Kim Harlow (972) 927-4522
Wyle Electronics (see Arrow Electronics)