How to Host an EIDX/CompTIA ECSB Meeting

Electronics Industry Data Exchange, Inc.

So you’re thinking about becoming a host for an EIDX conference? Here’s some information that should help in your decision and planning processes:


  • Being a host gives your company great exposure, and publicizes your role as an industry leader in technology among electronics companies: your customers, distributors and even competitors.
  • EIDX Member Company Host:  The annual EIDX membership (currently $2,000) dues are waived for the next year.
  • An opportunity to invite other employees to the conference without additional cost; average cost to attend a remote conference (with airfare, hotel etc.) per person is $1,000 to $1,500.
  • No travel costs if conference held in your local area.
  • Introduce your company to new trading partners.
  • Recognition within EIDX and the electronics industry.

Questions to consider

  • Will your company and management support being an EIDX host?
  • Where will you hold the conference? Hotel vs. onsite facilities your company may have?
  • Who will organize the event? Your in-house conference planner, yourself, or help from EIDX?
  • When will you host the conference? Consider weather, airfare costs and avoid "high" season times.
  • How will the expenses be handled? Can your company support this financially?
  • Have you talked with previous hosts? EIDX can provide a list of former hosts and contacts.

Ready to sign up? If so, the rest of this document will help you organize the event, understand the expectations, and assist you in having a successful conference.

Next Steps Once You Have Decided to be a Host:

1. Notify EIDX

* Decide on specific dates

2. If the meeting will be held at a hotel, select the hotel and make preliminary arrangements as follows:

* Arrange for at least a block of five dedicated conference rooms (this may change later). Conference room charges are based on a sliding scale. Ask to have them based on total sleeping nights vs. rooms. Many hotels will provide conference rooms free with guest room commitments exceeding 200/250 nights).

  • Reserve approximately 75-80 guest rooms
  • At least one person from your company should reside at the hotel; ask for a free or discounted room rate.
  • Understand what hotel staff support is available to you
  • Discuss food service available (snacks and continental breakfasts are suggested but not obligatory; avg. costs have run $10-15 per person/day incl. tax and tip)
  • Food Tips: Survey the membership prior to the meeting for preferences.
  • Breakfast should be available from 7:15 – 10am (esp. coffee – usually $20-22 per gallon) Average cost of breakfast is $6.25/person.
  • Breaks – make sure afternoon break food is portable (if you choose to provide it) so attendees can eat quickly or take it back to their afternoon meetings. Coordinate break times with the EIDX agenda coordinator.
  • Ask about modem hookups in guest rooms and other amenities
  • Discuss the need for Audio/Visual equipment, flip charts, pens, etc. and whether you can supply some of the items or if they must come strictly from the hotel. (This can be the most expensive rental commodity. Estimated costs per day: Flip charts $10, InFocus pc projector/datashow $350, Cordless microphone $150, You will need overheads, screens (no less than 7’ X7’) and marker pads in each room. The main room needs a podium and a microphone.
  • Additional charges that may apply (i.e. copies, parking, early check-out)
  • Work with your legal department concerning cancellation clauses, etc.

3. If the meeting will be at your company facility, begin making arrangements.

  • Arrange for at least five dedicated conference rooms (this may change later).
  • Arrange for people to support the conference (administrative, registration desk, etc.)
  • Telephones for conference attendees.
  • Copy services
  • Audio/visual equipment; including a Data Show type pc projection device
  • Food services - cafeteria, catered, off-site, etc.
  • Smoking policies and approved locations
  • Security badges
  • Shuttle service to hotel
  • Dress Code
  • Coat Closet / Storage Facility
  • Map of Locations (Meeting Rooms, Telephones, Restrooms, etc.)
  • Message Board

Three Months Before Your Conference:

4. At the Conference PRIOR to Yours:

  • Provide Pre-conference sign up sheets. Pre-conference activity sheet (optional).
  • Have a brochure/flyer with pertinent information about your conference:
    • When and Where
    • Which Airport to fly into
    • Transportation options between airport and hotel/meeting location
    • Sightseeing brochures and shopping information (if available)
    • Social event (if available)
    • Dress code for conference and social
    • Hotel information (directions, check-in time, booking deadline, phone & fax number, etc.)

5. Plan the Tuesday Night EIDX Quarterly Dinner

  • Place & Location/Menu
  • Dress Code
  • Transportation To/From Event
  • Host companies usually charge $25 - $35 per attendee for this dinner to defray costs.

6. Arrange Resources at the Conference Site

  • Get commitment from company management for registration desk support personnel. We suggest 2 Full time people staffing the information desk Tuesday-Thursday, and 4 people on Monday the first day for set up and staffing.
  • Make arrangements for host company keynote speaker/presentation
  • Prepare a "housekeeping" presentation for you to present at the General Session (welcome, where things are, special arrangements, times, any schedule changes, etc.)

At Least Two Months Before Conference:

EIDX Secretariat collects and publishes all information to go into Registration Brochure including:

  • Agenda
  • Hotel Info
  • " Promo" for host company if desired
  • Registration Form (EIDX Secretariat compiles registrations into database until conference)
  • Create, Publish and Mail Registration Brochure to Membership and others

At Least One Month Before Conference:

7. Finalize Hotel Arrangements

  • Coordinate Conference Room assignments with Agenda Coordinator
  • Decide on Room Set up (Conference, schoolroom) for each session
  • Confirm A/V requirements
  • Confirm break beverages/foods

8. Finalize Social Details

One Week Before the Conference:

9. Put Together Guest Registration Packets

  • Hotel to give to attendees on arrival (if possible)
  • Packets to include:
    • Hotel map and facilities locations
    • Conference agenda
    • Local points of interest
    • City map and Public Transportation (if available)
    • Social Details
    • Any other information you deem appropriate for the conference

10. Arrange Meeting with Hotel Representative

  • Arrange Storage Area for Presentation Materials sent early
  • Confirm all hotel arrangements:
    • Food
    • Coffee
    • Meeting rooms
    • Registration Desk location
    • Meeting room set up
    • A/V Equipment (Datashow /pc projector, overhead projectors, microphones, etc.)
    • Confirm guest count
    • Supply hotel with Conference Attendee Registration Packets

11. Finalize Social Details

12. Put an Emergency Kit together for the Registration Desk

  • Light bulbs for overhead projector
  • Paper clips
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Push Pins
  • Tape (cellophane and masking)
  • Stapler (extra staples)
  • Highlighters, marking pens
  • Staple remover
  • Scissors
  • Extra badges (EIDX Secretariat provides)
  • Vugraphs
  • Extension cords and power strips
  • Shipping labels (blank FedX, UPS, etc)
  • Ribbons (new member, mentor, officers, chairs, etc.) (EIDX Sectetariat provides)

During the Conference - Monday:

13. Set Up EIDX Registration Desk

  • Open One Hour Before First Session; staff should arrive at 6 to be set up by 7.
  • At least two people (we recommend 4) must handle the desk
  • Register walk ins and also register/collect fee for social; provide receipts (EIDX Secretariat provides receipts)
  • Display and distribute attendee badges and ribbons (provided by EIDX Secretariat)
  • If attendee is board member, speaker, mentor or 1st time – give ribbon.
  • Ask each person to verify info on attendance sheet for corrections.
  • If they are not registered ask them to fill out info on blank attendance sheet.
  • Ask if they received their EIDX folder when they checked in-if not give them one
  • Post a map of the hotel on the message board.
  • Make sure you have the following:
  • EIDX Tablecloth (EIDX Secretariat provides)
  • EIDX banner (EIDX Secretariat provides)
  • Conference agenda (EIDX Secretariat provides)
  • Attendance Rosters (both pre-registration and blank for sessions) (EIDX Secretariat provides)
  • Bulletin/Message board
  • PC & printer (if available)
  • EIDX brochures
  • EIDX T-shirts (or other saleable items)
  • Local information brochures
  • Minutes from previous meeting (if available) and new member prospect packets
  • Hard candy for guests.

During the Conference - Tuesday through Thursday

  • Open registration desk one hour before first session
  • Continue onsite registrations for both conference and social
  • Update conference attendee list (if EIDX personnel not present); keep updated copy on desk.
  • Set up baskets for copies. Have set times copies are to be run (preferably 2 times daily); presenters bring their own copies
  • Coordinate emergencies
  • Collect any surveys, badges of attendees
  • Answer questions
  • Post room schedules on conference rooms daily
  • Update agenda, make copies as needed.
  • Help with any personal computer needs.
  • Post a schedule for the day on the message board

Close of Conference

  • Collect all attendee badges and other EIDX materials and ship to EIDX
  • Close hotel account
  • Close all other accounts with outside services contracted (limos/buses, etc)

Items Requiring Additional Consideration

  • Budget Consideration
  • EIDX Coordination/Secretariat Support
  • Co-sponsorship of events and/or sponsors for breaks/snacks
  • Hotel negotiations - EIDX can help
  • Events sponsorship (breaks, social)
  • Time commitments of yourself and staff

Total hosting costs have been estimated to run between $5,000 and $15,000.

EIDX Secretariat ships conference items, designated above as provided by EIDX, to host company in one large show case for easy set up and tear down.