EIDX History - Do You Remember When?

In celebration of EIDX 10th Anniversary in 1997, we started sharing some of our memories of our history, and we've kept on going since then. If you can suggest any additions, changes, comments or remembrances that you'd like to share, please do!

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In the Beginning ...

Dates Location Hosted by
February 23, 1987

Scottsdale, AZ

 Our Charter meeting was February 23, 1987 in Scottsdale, AZ (ASC X12 conference) so we are 10 years old!

I think our first president was Jim Carmon of National Semiconductor and the Vice-Chairs were Sandy Whitson of Hewlett Packard and ?.

We held our meetings during the ASC X12 conferences for the first year or so, usually on Monday and Wednesday evenings and sometimes at lunch. The EIDX meetings that were held during ASC X12 were from February 1987 through February 1989.

May 11-14, 1987

Columbus, OH

August 10-14, 1987

Washington, DC

November 16-20, 1987

San Francisco

February 22-26, 1988


August 8-12, 1988

Atlanta, GA

November 14-18, 1988

Los Angeles

February 13-17, 1989


the birth of an idea.....

During this period, we had some meetings outside of ASC X12. The first was a one-day meeting at Hewlett-Packard in April or May 1988, we think. The rest were:
April or May 1988

Palo Alto, CA

Hosted by Hewlett Packard
July 19-21, 1988

San Jose, CA

Hosted by AMD
January 16-19, 1989

Phoenix, AZ

Hosted by Motorola
March 21-23, 1989

Natick, MA

Hosted by Prime

led to our ideas for the good of the industry.....

And then we decided we had so much to do that we needed our own meetings. So, we scheduled separately from ASC X12 and some of us tried to go to both ASC X12 and EIDX until our bosses asked us when were going to get some work done.
August 15-17, 1989

Portland, OR

Hosted by Tektronix
November 14-16, 1989

Austin, TX

Hosted by 3M
March 27-29, 1990

San Jose, CA

Hosted by NEC Electronics
August 14-16, 1990

Westminster, CO

Hosted by Storage Tech
November 6-8, 1990

Irvine, CA

Hosted by Toshiba
February 12-14, 1991

Milpitas, CA

Hosted by Sun Microsystems
August 13-14, 1991

Sacramento, CA

Hosted by Intel
November 12-14, 1991

Marlborough, MA

Hosted by Digital
February 11-13, 1992

Manhattan Beach, CA

Hosted by Xerox
May 18-21, 1992

Dallas, TX

Hosted by Texas Instruments
August 10-13, 1992

Monterey, CA

Hosted by Hewlett-Packard Co. The Tuesday Social was a beach party.
November 9-12, 1992

Huntsville, AL

Hosted by AVEX
March 1-4, 1993

San Diego, CA

Hosted by Hitachi America
May 17-20, 1993

Washington, DC

Hosted by EIDX. Tom M. will never forget the Sunday shopping excursion and how to save $2 on parking.
August 16-19, 1993

Schaumburg, IL

Hosted by Motorola
November 1-4, 1993

Atlanta, GA

Hosted by Murata Electronics
February 8-10, 1994

San Diego, CA

Hosted by Brooktree
May 17-19, 1994

Hershey, PA

Hosted by AMP Inc. The dinner at Groff's Farm hasn't been topped yet.
August 22-25, 1994

Santa Clara, CA

Hosted by Advanced Micro Devices. The Tuesday Social was at the Gaslighter Theater.
November 14-17, 1994

Secaucus, NJ

Hosted by Panasonic. We took Manhattan. We began holding theme days - the theme for this conference was "Forecast/Planning Processes".
March 6-8, 1995

Newport Beach, CA

Hosted by Toshiba. We had dinner aboard the Queen Mary.   The theme was "Information Sharing."
May 22-25, 1995

St. Louis, MO

Hosted by MEMC.  The Mississippi River was above flood stage when we started and had receded by the time we left. Didn't know what a thirsty lot we are, did you;-)   It was hot and humid.  Forecasting was so hot that it was once again the conference theme.
August 21-25, 1995

Minnetonka, MN

Hosted by Seagate.  We dined on roasted pig and then were dined upon by the mosquitoes.  The theme was "Introduction to the Internet".
November 6-9, 1995

San Diego, CA

Hosted by EIDX.  Gary E. got lost at Sea World!   We continued the "Internet" theme.
February 12-15, 1996

Scottsdale, AZ

Hosted by Motorola.  Bob K. took the bull by the horns.  The theme was "International EDI".   Our guests included leaders of our sister organizations, EDIFICE, EDIMAN, and EIAJ.
May 5-8, 1996

Princeton, NJ

Hosted by Lucent Technologies.  We toured the campus so we could all say we'd been to Princeton.  The theme was "Financial EDI".
August 5-8, 1996

Lexington, KY

Hosted by Avnet with clog dancing at the horse park.   Temp was 90ยบF, humidity was 90%.  The theme was "About EIDX" - a recap of what the organization has been doing and future strategies.
November 3-7, 1996

Hilton Head, SC

Hosted by Solectron.  Dave W. almost became 'gator bait. The oyster population was almost put on the endangered list afterwards.   The theme was "Contract Manufacturing".
February 3-6, 1997

Arlington, VA

Hosted by EIDX.  The theme was "Preparing for the Year 2000".  We've always been ahead of our time.
May 12-15, 1997

Huntsville, AL

Hosted by AVEX Electronics.  Attendance at Space Camp was optional!  The theme was "Trends in Inventory Management".
August 10-14, 1997

Bloomington, IN

Hosted by EIDX at Indiana University.  We posed for a class of '97 group photo.  The theme was "Information Technology and the New Business Enterprise".
November 3-6, 1997

Newport Beach, CA

Hosted by Wyle Electronics.  The theme was "Distribution's Role in the Supply Chain".  The Tuesday Social was a real gamble but everyone turned out a winner.
February 9-12, 1998

Colorado Springs, CO

Hosted by Hewlett-Packard.  The theme was "Alternatives to Traditional EDI".  Dinner was a real whodunit.  We revived our alliance with CompTIA.
May 1998

Nashville, TN

Hosted by Sterling Commerce.  A tornado hit downtown Nashville one week then EIDX hit town the following week.  The theme was Optimum Uses of EDI/EC. 
August 1998

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hosted by Future Electronics.  The Tuesday social was a dinner cruise on the river.  The theme was Customer and Supplier Data Access.
November 1998

Napa, California

Hosted by ECRC.  The theme was Supply Chain Management.  The weather was cool but Bob K. got roasted anyway!
February 1999

Arlington, Virginia

Hosted by the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA).  The theme was Making Different EC Strategies Work Together.   Lucille R. helped the Tuesday night band out by lending her vocal talents.
May 1999

Denver, Colorado

Hosted by Arrow Electronics.  The theme was "Beyond EDI:  What's the Future of EC?"

The dawning of a new age ... joint EIDX/CompTIA ECSB Conferences

August 1999

Houston, Texas

Hosted by Compaq.  Our first joint conference with CompTIA's Electronic Commerce Standards Board, something we had looked forward to for a long time.
November 1999

Austin, Texas

Hosted by 3M.  The theme was Web eCommerce.  The Tuesday social was at Esther's Follies, where Elias started his acting career.  It was the third conference Bob Kokko attended since we gave him his farewell roast in November 1998.  We want the keys to the Volvo back;-)
February 2000

San Jose, California

Hosted by Nortel Networks.  The theme was "The XML Files".  If you didn't know something about XML by the time you went home, you weren't paying attention!
May 2000

Seattle, Washington

Hosted by Microsoft.  All our years of experience with maps ... got us lost.  But when we finally found the restaurant, the food was great!  The theme was "eBusiness Standards - What are they and why should you care."
August 2000

Newport, Rhode Island

Hosted by APC.  The little yacht everyone wanted to buy only cost $9.2 million.  Anyone who booked United Airlines had really memorable travel.  Theme was "Components and Computers: eTools of the Trade."

November 2000

Cambridge, Massachusetts Hosted by ChannelWave.  If you went to the bar at the top of the hotel, you found yourself goint 'round and 'round in circles.  The theme was "Extending the Enterprise: Integrating with Partner Systems."

February 2001

Santa Cruz, CA

Hosted by Sun Microsystems.  Who'd have thought that we could get snowed-in on the California coast?  The theme was "Emerging eBusiness Methods and Models."

May 2001

Colorado Springs, CO Hosted by Compaq.  The snow followed us ... 75F during the day Sunday, then snow and 80MPH winds in the evening!  Bill's airline tried to route him from SJC to COL via Lima, Peru!  The legend of Room 210 began.  And we learned about "Incorporating XML Into Your eBusiness Toolkit."

August 2001

Santa Fe, NM Hosted by EIDX and CompTIA.  No snow this time, but hail ... which still counts (ice is ice!)  Our president got room 210 this time.  We learned about "The Missing Link in the Supply Chain: Backend Integration."

November 2001

Scottsdale, AZ Hosted by Cyclone Commerce.  We were pleased to have the leadership of EDIFICE in attendance.  The theme, "Business Value of Process Integration," was a follow-on from the August theme.

February 2002

Palo Alto, CA Hosted by CompTIA and the Open Applications GroupAnd you guessed it ... in Palo Alto, where it snows once every 30 years, we got snow on the night before the conference started.  At least all the speakers were on the correct side of the Santa Cruz mountains this time ;-)  The theme was "Latest Trends in eBusiness:  Web Services."

May 2002

San Jose, CA Hosted by EIDX/CompTIA.  The theme was "Partner Implementation from Qualification to Production."

August 2002

San Jose, CA Hosted by EIDX/CompTIA.  The theme was "E-Commerce:  An Update on the State of the Industry."